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China Vertical Powder Coating Line For Aluminium Profile sup

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Ying International Incorporation Group, has grown up to be the biggest and leading enterprise in coating industry from China.
YING GROUP (for 20 years) supply turn-key production line and materials:
1. Wood effect decoration system for profile or sheet
2. Horizontal or Vertical powder coating plant
3. Continuous coil coating and decoration line
4. Steel door manufacturing line (coating and decoration)
5. Material -- Powder coating
6. Material – Transfer film
7. Lab equipments for quality control
YING GROUP, provide full solution for metal surface finishing: including TECHNOLOGY, MACHINERY and MATERIALS, especially for the aluminum industry (extruder and fabricator), door and window manufactures, job coaters…
We just supply Quality Products by international standard. Thanks for our international team, customer projects are designed by our professional engineering team and installed within project schedule at high quality.

We already set up hundreds of projects in over 50 countries (including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Iran, Israel, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, England, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belgium, Greece, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia……)

YING Group, from China, opens an international door to the world.
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